How to write and publish your own ebook

Like almost 4, words long. I remember when I finished my first book, a thriller called The Golden Crystal. I wrote a book.

How to write and publish your own ebook

As I have had a lot of success with my own eBook, Cloud Living no longer for sale, follow this instead, I thought it would be helpful to a lot of people if I wrote a guide about the whole process. My biggest successes are in personal services which offer an affiliate program and various sites I run in the health niche.

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It was 90 pages long and included most of what I know when it comes to growing a blog. In addition to that, I wanted to make the guide a resource for how to write and publish your own ebook who want to make cloud living making money from the internet a reality.

Therefore, I included a number of interviews with people succeeding online and my own tips for getting things done, even if you have a full-time job. That way I knew I would have helped a lot of people and the months of work it took to put the guide together will have been somewhat worth it.

Why Write an eBook? The obvious answer to most people, is money. There are actually quite a few reasons to write an eBook that you may not have initially thought of: If you write a rubbish guide, then nobody is going to think very highly of you.

Yet, if you make the product the best you can make it, people will start to notice you. This alone shows me the big influence that some people can have. Having Your Own Product is Massive — Have you ever tried to promote a product someone else created on your own blog? I have in the personal development space and the conversions are, quite frankly, awful.

Once, with 5, subscribers, I only pushed about 15 sales after writing a whole post on a product. Yet, when I release my own work, it sells really well.

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Help People — The eBooks that sell the best are the ones that fill a genuine need. Therefore, one good reason to write an eBook is to share knowledge on a topic you know a lot about, and truly help your buyers.

I now have two products 12 no longer available that I actively promote and earn a good passive income. For those of you who think you have an idea and are ready to roll with it, I still think you should continue reading.

There are a lot of eBooks that sell well, and a lot more that sell poorly. Often, the topic of the eBook makes a massive difference to whether or not it will succeed in making money. As a way to help you narrow down the ideas buzzing around your head right now, here are some of my suggestions to help you think of what topic you could write an eBook on: What You Know About — The easiest way to create a great product, of course, is to write on a topic you know inside out.

I have been building websites for four years and making a living with them for almost two, so I knew my subject well. This will make it far easier to keep working on the guide and also allows you to give the best advice possible. If you have an audience already, why not find out what they want? Therefore, asking your readers what they want in a guide may not really be what they want to purchase.

How to Write an eBook

It may not be something you have the most knowledge on, but you might know enough to honestly help people. If you see what topics your industry really cares about, you can create a product that gives them exactly that.

Additionally, you could check out the top blogs in your industry and see what they are promoting. It never hurts to ask someone if their product is selling well.

Hopefully these tips have given you topic ideas for your eBook. There are a number of eBook creation tools and software packages out there, but I keep the process fairly simple.

First of all, I write everything in Open Office. This is a free office suite that works on all popular operating systems. A lot of tools that can turn documents into PDF format do not allow custom security settings and most of them cannot export hyperlinks properly.

Thankfully, Open Office does not have this problem. From there, I can slowly work towards completing the guide by filling out a few each day.“I bought and studied your earlier ebook “How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7 Days!” but this course was even better” You exceeded my expectations!

I bought and studied your earlier ebook “How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7 . If you're an Ebook Author who wants to know the secrets of Ebook Marketing, Ebook Writing, and ebook publishing, then you're about to discover how to get your own profitable, money-making ebook right now!

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how to write and publish your own ebook

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