Comparison of uk and malaysia education

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Comparison of uk and malaysia education

The re-delineation of electoral boundaries is a fundamental process in any democratic nation. In fact, in Malaysia, the Electoral Commission EC has a constitutional duty, at least every eight to 10 years, to review and recommend changes, to ensure balance in voter populations between constituencies.

The last re-delineation exercise was carried out inalmost 15 years ago. In towns, people live in high-density apartment blocks, flats and terrace houses, while in rural areas, the population is sparse.


A district like Kapit in Sarawak is roughly the size of the state of Pahang, but the population is low and the area is fully forested. We cannot use an apple-to-apple comparison.

A re-delineation does not make someone change his preference.

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Allegations that the EC was not transparent and the re-delineation proposal was not presented to the people are simply false. Its members are appointed by the king. The EC does not make a final decision on the re-delineation — it just proposes, and Parliament decides, in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

Compare this to Singaporewhere the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee of the Elections Department is appointed directly by the prime minister and chaired by the secretary to the prime minister. Additionally, the entire electoral system in Singapore, with its Group Representation Constituencies GRCis designed to create a barrier for smaller opposition parties to participate in elections.

Meanwhile in the PhilippinesCongress wields the power to redistrict provinces or cities piecemeal, without a public referendum. Consider this, if the re-delineation has a negative impact on the opposition, how did they win to form several state governments in andafter the process?

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This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Redrawing of electoral map was done by the book by Malaysia Election Commission.The Merchant Adventurers' Hall was one of the most important buildings in medieval York. The majority of the structure was built in ; its Great Hall was where merchants gathered to conduct business and socialize, while its Undercroft served as a hospital and almshouse for the poor.

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Comparison of uk and malaysia education

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