Character of eustacia in return of the native

Yeobright and the cousin of Thomasin Yeobright. He goes abroad to work as a diamond merchant in Paris, but comes home when he realizes that his ambition is not towards material wealth. He is pursued by Eustacia Vye, and eventually marries her, but their marriage turns sour when her ambition to move to Paris conflicts with his plan to stay on Egdon Heath and teach school.

Character of eustacia in return of the native

He makes his characters live in almost vital manner. We get the feeling that we have actually met the various persons whom Hardy portrays in his fiction. His characters are made of solid flesh and blood like Clym and Eustacia.

They are recognizable human beings and their conversation, actions, irritations, annoyances and quarrels perfectly convincing. But the fact is that his men and women are the most vividly realized when they are simple, primal characters: The portrayal of male characters are admirable, he perhaps succeeds ever better in the treatment of men than women.

This choice of his characters leads him away from intellectual complexities which delight most novelists. If his best characters are not subtle, the art that describes them is surely one; for he can record the minutest fluctuations of emotional experiences — write the problems in the relationships of the characters and discuss them— such as incompatibility of Eustacia etc.

The character of Eustacia Vye

Hardy introduces each of his principal characters with a vivid description of the personal appearance. The grace of his movement is singular.

Character of eustacia in return of the native

She has pagan eyes, full of nocturnal mysteries. Her selfishness, her charms and beauty, her uncontrolled passions do not blind us to her celestial imperiousness. Hardy suggests that she is a goddess in her power. She has a femme fatale in her power to arouse passions in others and Cleopatra in her pride, her passion and her scorn of consequences.

She herself is responsible for the tragedy that befalls her. These are the factors which put her to tragedy: Her unsatisfied longing to be taken to Paris and her Hatred of Heath are the main factors governing her fate. She was attracted towards Clym simply by the hope that she would be taken to Paris.

Yeobright has been vividly portrayed. Her love for her son is her most outstanding quality. With it she combines a strength and firmness of mind, a shrewdness and sagacity.

Character of eustacia in return of the native

She has a practical mind especially in her assessment of Eustacia. The portrayal of Clym: His portrayal is much less complex.

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His aversion to materialistic and fashionable life of Paris, his great love for her mother, his decision to be a school teacher and educator and his acceptance of his misfortune all make him a convincing character.

The delineation of his character has superbly been made by Hardy.Clym (Clement) Yeobright A young man of about thirty who gives up a business career in Paris to return to his native Egdon Heath to become a "schoolmaster to the poor and ignorant." Eustacia Vye A young woman of nineteen who is frustrated by life on the heath, longs to escape it in order to lead the.

Dec 19,  · The portrayal of Eustacia: RETURN OF THE NATIVE contains some of Hardy’s greatest characters, notably Eustacia and Clym. Her rebellious nature and force of will are for what Hardy calls her, “ the raw material of the divinity ”. She is the most powerfully-drawn woman in .

How does Clym respond to his mother’s death?

Style of The Return of the Native; Character Analysis Eustacia Vye Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List "Queen of night," Eustacia, who is a native of the fashionable seaside resort of Budmouth and whose non-English father gives her an appearance . The Return of the Native was filmed for Hallmark Hall of Fame and broadcast on television in It was filmed in Exmoor National Park.

The film stars Catherine Zeta Jones as Eustacia Vye, Clive Owen as Damon Wildeve, Ray Stevenson as Clym Yeobright, and . The character of Eustacia Vye. The essay is on Eustacia Vye Hardy's wonderful creation in The Return Of the Native. The essay tries to analyse her critically and sees Hardy's Thoughts Behind her creation.

In The Return of the Native, braodly discuss the character of Clym Yeobright. Clym Yeobright is of course the character who corresponds to the title of the book, as he returns to his native land.

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