Btec unit 1 sample assignments

Understand approaches and intervention strategies which support individuals in specific needs 3.

Btec unit 1 sample assignments

Formulate a research specification Aim and Objective of the research Dementia is defined as the condition of human mind in which one is not able to remember anything, faces problem in communicating with others and problems in thinking. In other words dementia can be said as the decay of mental capability of a person up to a level that it affects the daily routine of the patient.

Vascular dementia is one of the most known types of dementia in which the problem arises due to insufficient flow of blood in the human brain. The disease causes a lot of emotional and financial pressure on the patient as well as the family.

According to surveys it is seen that there are almostpatients of dementia in England Barker et al, Hanwell is no exception; it is believed that every second family in Hanwell has got a dementia patient. The total cost on taking care of dementia patients in UK is about 19 billion pounds in a year.

Dementia patients need a lot of care and attention. The treatment of these patients involves lots of patience and tolerance. There are various methods in which the intervention for dementia patients can be categorized.

And hence it is very important to analyse the Btec unit 1 sample assignments of intervention program in order to improve the quality of patients of vascular dementia. This research will mainly focus on the effectiveness of the intervention programs of variousdisease management groups.

For the research the city chosen is Hanwell.

Part 1: General Principles of Law

For the collection of data we will go to various health care and social care centres where these kinds of patients are kept so that their proper care can be done. Formulate and record your research project outline specification Methodology There is no doubt of the fact that the health and social care centres play asignificant role in taking care of these patients.

In these centres several disease management interventions are done for the betterment of the quality of the treatment and the care that is given to the patients. In order to analyse the effectiveness of these interventions, samples will be collected from various social and health care centres Cooper et al, In Hanwell there are anumber of centres which take care of the patients suffering from vascular dementia.

In order to collect the data for the research we will try to keep the sample size moderate so that the best result can be achieved.

1 Purposes of different types of organisation

If the sample size is too small or large, the result will not be accurate. Once the data is collected, both the qualitative and quantitative analysis will be done. The quantitative analysis will give the number of social care centres which have actually allowed the disease management interventions in their care centres.

The qualitative analysis will be helpful in analysing the effectiveness of those programs in improving the condition of the patients. Dementia is increasing at a very fast rate and hence it is very important to analyse the methods with the help of which proper care of these patients can be taken.

Disease management intervention programs study the condition of the disease and then suggest the best approach which can improve the condition of the patient Free et al, It is believed that if the programs are implemented properly they will definitely be helpful in improving the quality of the life of the patient. Sitemap

Identify the factors that contribute to the process of your research projects selection and undertake a critical review of the literature Purpose of the Research It is very important to conduct this research project as the vascular dementia has got a lot of impact on the patient and their families.

Hence it is very important to ensure that the quality of care given to them is up to the mark otherwise the problems for both patient and the families will increase. The various effects of dementia are: In a survey report it is found that the rank of UK moved from 24th to 10th in the list of deaths due to dementia and its different types Barker et al, The biggest issue with this disease is that it is very difficult to diagnose it at an early stage.

These patients take a longer time to get cured and hence have to stay in hospitals and care centres for a very long period of time. As mentioned earlier, the cost of treatment of this disease is too much and hence it has got a great impact on the financial condition of the families.

Due to large number of patients, the numbers of caretakers are also high. It is believed that in Hanwell every third person is taking care of a dementia patient.

It is a tough job to take care of a dementia patient Murthy, This is a disease from which people fear the most; it is found that people are afraid of this disease even more than cancer. Research project specification, provide, and appropriate plan and procedure about the agreed research specification Background of the Study Interventions are mainly designed to avoid or handle the prolonged diseases in a proper organized manner.

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Task 1.

Btec unit 1 sample assignments

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